The Evolution of Modern Tyres

It is important to understand the evolution of tyres to know understand how modern tyres came to be.

The first tyres came about in 1895 after the first gasoline car was invented by Benz in 1888. The tyre was made up of metal tyres covered with rubber and was filled with air. They were the first pneumatic tyres.

In 1905, the thread came to being and was the first direct contact between the tyre and the road.

In late 1913, Henry Ford came up with the first conveyor belt assembly in the world which involved the production of the first stage of the automobile. In 1931, Du Pont, an American company was able to successfully industrialize synthetic rubber which helped increase the number of tyres produced and improve quality as well. Previously, companies were dependent on natural rubber.

In 1923, a low-pressure tyre was invented and this was used by various types of cars to increase the surface area between the tyre and the road.

In 1940, the prices of oil sky rocketed and this brought about the production of cars which were smaller in size and weight. Many manufacturers started making use of the front wheel drive method which, combined with tubeless tyres which were designed in 1903, helped to save fuel significantly.

In 1947 came the introduction of the tubeless tyre. In 1950, the radial tyre was invented.

After world war two, automobile production increased and the flat-run tyre was invented which could allow the car to reach up to 80 kmph without the need to change tyres even when a flat occurred. In 1980, the run-flat tyre was able to maintain a constant speed even with scratches or holes in the tyre. Later came the development of UHP (ultra-high performance) tyres which could enhance drivability, provided superior cornering and braking. In 2012, the first non-pneumatic tyres were invented by Hankook. They saved energy and were created from a material which could be reused or recycled.


The evolution of tyres gives us a guide to the history of tyres and gives valuable insight to the next phases of modern tyres by TyreSevr evolution.

How To Organize A Business Party With Magicians To Entertain Business Owners From Different Industries

MagicianLondon is a major business and financial center, and often, business people from different industries come together. This could be for a corporate event like a dinner, launch of a new product, conference, award ceremonies, and so on so forth. So let’s imagine that you are responsible for organizing a party for business owners in London, and have decided that you want to surprise them; by bringing a magician to entertain them. Where would you start? Well, you’d need to plan in advance, and book the magician of your choice on time so that he doesn’t let you down on the big day.

  • First and foremost, you’d need to identify a magician who is so good at performing in corporate events. Remember, the audience in this kind of a party is mature, and will expect someone who as funny as they are interesting while on stage. London has numerous corporate event magicians, capable of giving your business partners a performance of a lifetime.
  • Secondly, take a moment and check out the websites of the magicians you want to pick for the event. From their photos and videos, you can tell whether they are familiar with a corporate kind of set up, and whether they look like they are the best for the job. By visiting the website of the magician, there’s a lot really that you’ll learn about them.
  • Lastly, be sure to contact and book the magician well in advance. Magicians like precise arrangements, from the time of arrival, when to appear on stage, duration of performances; you should arrange such things with the magician well in advance.

Having made the above preparations, don’t tell your business partners from different industries what to expect; let it be a surprise. By the time guests are waiting to see a dance troupe, or band come on stage, a magician shows up! Magicians are always interesting to watch.

3 Things That You Must Do Before Starting A Business In The UK

Starting a business in the UK can prove to be a lucrative venture but as long as you have the necessary plan and strategy. You may have a very promising business startup idea but you need to know how to exactly turn that dream into tangible goal. The trick here is to do something one at a time until you reach your ultimate goal. The UK is home to some the great pioneers, professional, engineers, doctors and hordes of tourists from all over the world. Therefore if you start a business you need to keep in mind the audience you might entertain and how to appeal to their needs. Here are 3 things to do before venturing into the business area;


  1. Do a market research; this is one of the most common strategies before starting a business advocated by marketing consultants. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of the market you intend to sell your products and services. Such feasibility studies will help you avoid pitfalls and great disappointments later in life. Market research also includes examining the different business structures in the area and ask yourself how different your business plan will be from these. You should certainly check the digital market place for your business and ideally talk to a , digital agency for startups for your business in the UK.
  2. Have a business plan; starting a business is the same as constructing a house. It would be pointless to embark on a project without creating a plan. A professional plan will provide you with a clear direction of how to go about the business and will increase its chances of succeeding. A pan will also help you determine your company value and goals. A plan will prepare you to face any unexpected events in the future as you run your business.  It is during this stage that you will think of the various audiences who might be your potential clients.
  3. Choose a business name; although this sound like a simple requirement, a name can make a big difference. A well-chosen name may my mean success of a business. A name reflects on the type of business you wish to run and therefore should also appeal to the target market audience. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is creating confusion by competitors by choosing a name which is disguised as a similar name to a well-known brand. This can lead to loss of sales and in some cases the affected business may take prompt legal action.

For more on corporate Law, You may refer to employment Lawyers and they should be able to advise you better in anything regarding matters like starting and running the business.